Who We Support

Thank you to all our supporters

Art For Cure have so far donated through their fundraising in excess of £1.3 million  in donations to leading breast cancer research projects and grant funded donations to breast cancer support services in East Anglia. Below is a record of our successful donations since the charity was founded in 2014.


£100,000 donated to UK's leading breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now for specific research.


£100,000 donated to Breast Cancer Now’s Professor Clare Isacke’s research into secondary breast cancer

£48,000 donated to Cancer Campaign in Suffolk (CCIS) for an innovative, greatly needed, new wig project

£12,000 to fund breast exercise classes for two years in the Ipswich and Felixstowe areas and provide all patients with an exercise DVD

£10,000 donated over two years to Caring For Me, a community project founded by Corinne Peacock offering breast cancer patients a course of six complimentary therapies free of charge

£4,000 donated to Senior nutritionist at Ipswich Hospital, Debbie Taylor to produce a nutrition / weight loss booklet and pilot a short course for patients with breast cancer to help them lose weight post-treatment


£10,000 donated to East Anglian charity littlelifts (www.littlelifts.or.uk), providing chemotherapy comfort boxes for women approaching treatment with primary breast cancer

£12,000 to Ipswich Hospital charity to re-instate a part time psychological-sexual counsellor position for two years for breast cancer patients

£4,000 funding for the design of a new information-based, easy to use website for the John Le Vay Cancer Information Centre at Ipswich Hospital


£100,000 donation to Breast Cancer Now's Professor Chris Lord's gene research project

£100,000 further donation to Professor Chris Lord’s gene research at Breast Cancer Now Research Centre, London

£100,000 donation to The Blossom Appeal (a new breast care centre at Ipswich Hospital (£75K in June 2018 and £25k in December 2018)

£26,988 donation to charity littlelifts providing chemotherapy comfort boxes to breast cancer patients going through chemotherapy treatment at Ipswich Hospital and James Paget

£3,000 to John le Vay Centre at Ipswich Hospital for specialist training of fitness trainers to support those with cancer at local sports venues around the Ipswich area


£30,000 donation to a specific triple negative breast cancer research gene project run by Dr Rachel Natrajan at the Breast Cancer Now Research Centre in London

£20,500 to support services at Ipswich Hospital (breast care counsellor, support to a nutrition programme, treatment room re-decoration, funding of a breast cancer support group and specialist sports training in cancer care bursaries to sports centre staff in the East Suffolk area)

£10,000 to support charity Littlelifts  for chemotherapy comfort boxes to those facing treatment in West Suffolk Hospital


£25,000 - Further funding donation to Breast Cancer Now’s gene research (Project leader - Dr Rachel Natrajan at BCN Research Centre, London)

£23,000 - grant donation to littlelifts for complimentary chemotherapy comfort boxes for women with primary and secondary breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Ipswich Hospital and West Suffolk Hospital

£25,000 - donation to The Blossom Appeal for a newly proposed 2022 breast care unit at Ipswich Hospital

£6000 - funding for breast cancer post-surgical exercise classes at Ipswich and Felixstowe fitness centres

£4,400 - funding for first two nutrition and weight loss courses run by senior nutritionist Debbie Taylor, following breast cancer treatment at Ipswich Hospital

£2000 - Additional funding for interior refurbishment of treatment room for counselling and alternative therapies at the John Le Vay cancer centre at Ipswich Hospital


£70,000 - donation to Blossom Appeal Colchester and Ipswich Foundation Trust

£50,000 - Ipswich Hospital - Breast exercise classes Ipswich and Felixstowe / Scar tissue therapy service / Breast cancer counselling / Specialist national micro-pigmentation courses for breast care nurses ( nipple tattooing post-mastectomy) / Psycho-sexual counselling

RESEARCH (included in above £50k donation)


£20,000 donation to Professor Gary Cook metastatic breast cancer research

£20,000 donation to BCN Progress Research Fund


£75,000 - awarded to Breast Cancer Now ( £25k each to x 3 leading research projects )

£11,500 - grant donation to Keeping Abreast, Norwich, a charity supporting those facing  mastectomy and mastectomy

£10,000 - donation to Royal Marsden Hospital, London towards a lifestyle and dietary research project for women .

£3,000 - grant funding for a specialist breast care nurse at Colchester Hospital in breast micro pigmentation training ( breast tattooing following mastectomy)

£5,000 - establishing a breast care nurse training fund for courses and further eductaion at Ipswich and Colchester Hospital.

£6,000 - funding of a part-time specialist breast cancer counsellor at Ipswich Hospital

£9,000 - grant donation to charity Littlelifts for chemotherapy boxes for patients with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy at West Suffolk Hospital

£50,000 - to Breast Cancer Now ( Professor Judy Coulson - Liverpool)  research project 'How Cancer Cells Divide'

£750 - attendance for 5 specialist breast care nurses from Ipswich Hospital to attend the national ABS (Association of Breast Surgery) conference in London 

£600 - re-printing of Nutrition Guide booklets at Ipswich and Colchester Hospital


Art For Cure is a nationally registered charity (No. 1175161) raising money through the sale of art to provide grant funding to leading breast cancer research in the UK and breast cancer support services.