Belynda Sharples

Belynda Sharples is an artist and ceramicist, who has spent her life observing and drawing the domestic and everyday.  

Belynda began her career in Interior Design, working in London before setting up her own Interior Design Practice in Norfolk. In 2005, she joined her partner in his printing business and launched her own collection of  fabric and wallpaper designs.

Belynda has, however, for the last few years concentrated solely on her work as an artist and ceramicist.

“My world is a visual one. The studio, set in a peaceful North Norfolk village, is a an old Methodist Chapel filled with inspirational delights; props in the form of old patterned china, textiles and fresh cut flowers. This colourful scene is the starting point of my painting and as I make my first marks on the canvas I find myself absorbed in creating a visual story centred on this domestic and everyday scene.”